Class materials: July 24 – July 28


Creating content for social media.
Influencer marketing
How to be viral.

LECTURE NOTES – WEEK 6 MONDAY – Content, influencers, virality (PDF)
Virality – In-class exercise


How to decide which social video platform is right for your brand (John Holdridge, Adweek. April 2017)

Inside the murky world of ‘social media influencers’ (Lauren Brousell, CIO, July 2015)

The window of virality on Reddit (Randy Olsen, 2014)

The Harlem Shake: Anatomy of a Viral Meme (Gilad Loten, 2013)

Makes a meme instead: a concise history of internet memes (Borzsei, 2012)

What Makes Visual Content go Viral (Andrea Lehr, Convince & Convert)

Why videos go viral. Kevin Allocca


Managing risk in social media. Best practices in the use of social channels by employees and the role of an organizational social media policy. Are we all marketers now?

LECTURE NOTES – WEEK 6 WEDNESDAY – Social media policy (PDF)


Social Media Policy Database (samples from many types of organizations)

Social media policies in the workplace: What works best? (J. Bond & G. Waggott, McMillan LLP, Canadian Bar Association)

Why more firms need a social media governance plan (Kimberley Whitler, Forbes.  May 2017)

How to write a strong social media policy (Steve Nicholls. Globe and Mail, March 2013)

The life of a social media manager Kevan Lee. Buffer Social

Confiscate Keys Who Should Be Responsible for Social Media – Jay Baer