Online Marketing

Class materials: Nov 13 – Nov 17

Planning a customer-focused web presence: the hub of “owned” media



Setting SMART website goals (J6 Design)

Luke Reimer Following a web design process (Smashing Magazine)

Johan Johansson How To Make Your Websites Faster On Mobile Devices(Smashing Magazine)

8 Guidelines for exceptional web design, usability, and user experience (Erik Devaney, Hubspot)

John N. Frank. Design from the Outside In. Marketing News 15th May 2009. Vol. 43 Issue 8 (available via VIU Library)

Christopher Meyer & Andre Schwager. Understanding Customer Experience. Harvard Business Review. Feb. 2007 (available via VIU Library)

Design is….what CEOs should know about design (Irene Au. Medium, May 2014)

Sample chapter from Steve Krug’s well known book on website design – Don’t Make Me Think (Revisited)

12 Reasons I Won’t Buy From Your Website (Huyen Truong, 2015)

The Responsive Web Design Process (Cuker, 2013)

Fix your Funnel: 15 things to remove from your website immediately (Orbit Media)