The Digital Marketing course begins with an overview of the main tools used in internet marketing, including search engine optimization, social media, pay-per-click and display advertising, web analytics, email marketing, and mobile as a marketing channel. In the second part of the semester we move on to web site planning and design, with hands-on experience of building a simple business website using WordPress as a content management system. [Access the Course outline for Summer 2018]

Use this page to find information about assignments and due dates, plus links to all the required readings and video for each week of the course.

Assignment information and instructions

Internet marketing topic presentation and in-class application exercises (Team assignment) Due: Weekly (weeks 3-4)
Web project Parts 1 & 2: Website planning document and website built in WordPress
Due: Friday August 10th by 4:30pm
Web plan samples to assist with planning document

Required readings, class ppt slides, and videos for each week of the course. Select the week / topic from the choices below:

Week 1, June 25 – June 29: – Differences between traditional and digital marketing / owned, earned and paid media / Social media and authentic customer engagement

Week 2, July 2 – July 6:  Mobile as a marketing channel / Display advertising / Paid media on social

Week 3, July 9 – July 13:  Measuring success on social media / Search engine advertising

Week 4, July 16 – July 20:  eMail marketing / Website analytics

Week 5, July 23 – July 27:  Website planning and meeting user and organizational goals / Using WordPress as a web content management system / Domain name selection and registration / Web form design / Working with images and media on the web

Week 6, July 30 – Aug 3:  Search engine optimization / Building your WordPress website

Week 7, Aug 6 – Aug 10: – Building your WordPress website