I have many years of teaching experience in internet marketing, social media marketing, and technology management, most recently to MBA and BBA students in the Faculty of Management at Vancouver Island University.  I love the fast moving nature of my field of expertise, and thrive in the atmosphere of a teaching-focused university with a very diverse student body.

I have more than twenty years experience in digital business, having worked as a consultant on a variety of projects related to the management and development of internet-based approaches to effective business process, marketing, knowledge transfer, and customer-focused online service delivery. I planned and managed the first iteration of the award winning BC local government portal CivicInfoBC and worked for two years on the AquaPort Project, a collaborative interdisciplinary project to develop and build an online knowledge mobilization portal for the Canadian aquaculture sector.

My work has included conducting Needs Assessments and feasibility studies, analysis of existing information resources, supervising the work of content collection and creation, and researching technical solutions (content management systems, search engines, social computing tools).

In addition to university teaching I have facilitated and presented at several workshops, focusing on the use of social computing and social media tools by not-for-profits and NGOs. I volunteer my time and expertise by acting as a business mentor and consultant.

A major volunteer project I worked on was the development and marketing of an enhanced multi-touch eBook version of the coffee-table book Canada’s Raincoast at Risk: Art for an Oil-Free Coast. The free eBook is available from iTunes