This section of the website is for students who are taking the courses that I teach at Vancouver Island University. I’ve been a full-time faculty member in the Faculty of Management since 2002, specializing in internet and social media marketing, and internet business management. For general queries about these courses, please get in touch with me:

To my new and current students – welcome to the source of all things class-related! If you are looking for course materials for mba563 (Digital Marketing), mark360 (Social Media Marketing), mark430 (Online Marketing) or mgmt230 (Introduction to eManagement), then you are in the right place.

Select the class you want from those listed below to access the course outline, assignment instructions,  and all the weekly class notes, readings and videos. I don’t used printed textbooks, so the weekly course material pages are the equivalent and provide you with the online required readings and videos that you need to succeed in these courses.