Class materials: September 20

Getting found on social media: usernames, profiles, search engine optimization, hashtags
Current use of social media for marketing – the impact of algorithms and business models

LECTURE NOTES – WEEK 3 – Getting found on social. Algorithms and business models (PDF)

In-class exercise: Finding usernames


How to Use Hashtags on Every Social Media Network (Michael Patterson, Sprout Social, 

How Hashtags work on Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, and Flickr (Ann Smarty. Moz. 2015)

Here’s how Facebook’s Newsfeed actually works (Victor Luckerson, Time, July 2015)

Facebook analysis: New insights from global business experts (Mark Shaeffer, Medium Nanuary 2018)

Instagram Ads: Too Much? (Om Malik, February 2016)

Instagram’s New Algorithm Means the Free Ride May Be Over for Brands (Kurt Wagner, Recode, March 2016)

Snapchat: How Brands Reach Millennials (Steven Perlberg, Wall Streeet Journal, June 2016)

Hootsuite Grader (evaluate your own twitter account!)

Playing Favourites: How videogames simulate the everyday scorekeeping of social media (Sasha Geffen. Real Life Mag, February 2018)

Mobile Gamification – How The Best Apps Nailed It

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Class materials: September 27

Current use of social media for marketing – the shift to messaging and niche services
Influencer marketing

LECTURE NOTES – WEEK 4 – Messaging and niche services (PDF)
Niche social networks: in-class exercise


When Mobile Becomes The New Face Of Social (Thomas Husson. Forrester Research, July 2014)

Are Messaging Apps the Future of Social Networking? (Matt Kapko. CIO, July 2014)

Facebook battles Snapchat over future of the camera (Matthew Ingram, Fortune. April 2017)

Are you ready for the mega-shift from social media to private media? (Mark Schaefer, May 2016)

What comes after the social media empires? (Ben Smith, Buzzfeed April 2018)

Rise of Messaging, Conversational Commerce, and Chatbots