Class materials: October 4

Paid media on social.
Influencer marketing.

LECTURE NOTES – WEEK 5 – Paid media (PDF)

In-class exercise: Paid media


All the social media advertising stats you need to know (Hootsuite, 2016)

98 personal data points that Facebook uses to target ads to you (Caitlin Dewey. Washington Post, August 2016)

Everything you need to know about the hidden ways Facebook ads target you (Vice, April 2018)

Inside the murky world of ‘social media influencers’ (Lauren Brousell, CIO, July 2015)

Inside Influence: Why Publishers are Increasingly Turning to Influencer Marketing – and What That Means for Marketers. (IAB January 2018)

Ad Standards Canada: Influencer Marketing Disclosure Guidelines (2018)

Influencer marketing case studies (IAB January 2018)

The follower factory (New York Times, January 2018)

Influencer marketing fraud – how big a problem is it? (Jennifer Faull. The Drum, June 2018

Facebook Pixel Tutorial and Walkthrough (Tod Maffin, 2015)


Class materials: October 11

Videos of Assignment 1 report highlights