Class materials: October 18

Social listening and monitoring: methods and tools for market research to capture interest group conversations

LECTURE NOTES – WEEK 7 – Social Listening (PDF)


How to use Twitter Advanced Search

Basic Boolean search operators and query modifiers explained

How to use Hootsuite for Social Listening (Hootsuite)

How to Manage Multiple Social Media Profiles (Kristi Hines, Social Media Examiner, March 2016)

The strength of “weak signals” (McKinsey Quarterly. February 2014)

How to Get Set Up for Listening and Engagement in Hootsuite

How to find Relevant Conversations with Hootsuite

How to listen and engage on Instagram using Hootsuite


Class materials: October 25

Social media strategy and planning.
Selecting the most appropriate forms of social media to meet marketing objectives.
Review of social media strategy team assignment instructions

LECTURE NOTES – WEEK 8 – Social Media Strategy and Planning (PDF)
In-class exercise – Strategy and tactics


Conducting a Social Media Audit (Keith Quesenberry, Harvard Business Review, November 2015)

The Myth of Social Media (Gallup. 2014)

Do Facebook Likes still matter? Social Media Today, September 2018

Social Media Strategy in 8 steps (Jay Baer. Convince & Convert)

6 Research Tactics to Drive Social Media Success (Jay Baer. Smart Insights. 2015)

Gary Vaynerchuk: How to start

Sources of market research data re digital marketing

Statistics Canada Individual and Household Internet Use
Pew Internet and American Life Project (rich source of data re online activities in the US)
Social Media Use in 2018: Demographics and Statistics (Pew Research. 2018)
Digital behaviour of teeens (Research from Piper Jaffrey. 2018)
Good source of industry statistics:
eMarketer (research data on internet marketing)
Neilsen– some free reports available
Forrester Research – some free reports
Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Research
Marketing Charts
Media in Canada
Canadian Digital Media Network/Research Reports
Wall Street Journal Data Points
CIRA Internet Fact Book 2017
2018 Global Digital Future in Focus (Comscore – registration needed)
Tech and Media Outlook 2018 (Wall Street Journal Digital)
Internet Trends 2018 (Mary Meeker, KPCB)