Class materials: November 29

Managing content for social media

Social media and new technologies: what’s coming next?

LECTURE NOTES – WEEK 13 – Content for social. New technology (PDF)
Virality – In-class exercise


How to decide which social video platform is right for your brand (John Holdridge, Adweek. April 2017)

The window of virality on Reddit (Randy Olsen, 2014)

The Harlem Shake: Anatomy of a Viral Meme (Gilad Loten, 2013)

Makes a meme instead: a concise history of internet memes (Borzsei, 2012)

What Makes Visual Content go Viral (Andrea Lehr, Convince & Convert)

Why videos go viral. Kevin Allocca

Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s Oculus acquisition (March 2014)

These VR social networks aren’t ‘The Matrix’, but they’re getting pretty close (Adario Strange, Mashable. January 2017)

Bots, explained (Kurt Wagner, Recode, April 2016)

Facebook doubles down on Social VR with Spaces

Class materials: December 6