This internet marketing course starts from the premise that the technologies that comprise the Internet are impacting traditional marketing and business relationships in fundamental ways. We will critically examine the ways in which marketers can leverage new technology to achieve functional efficiencies and to devise powerful marketing strategies. [access course outline for Fall 2018]

Topics covered will include:
Understanding customer needs and online behaviour; Web analytics; The internet and the marketing mix; Integrated marketing communications; Online marketing strategy and tactics; Planning and designing the customer experience; Social media marketing; Search marketing; Interactive advertising; eMail and viral marketing.

Assignment information and instructions

Writings & video blog post on internet marketingDue: September 14th, September 28th, October 5th, October 19th at 4:30pm
Team project: internet marketing campaignReport due Wednesday, December 5th, 4:30pm.
Presentations: Wednesday, December 5th (class time)

 Required readings, videos, and course materials for each week of the Fall 2018 course – select the week / topic from the links below

Week 1: Sept 3 – Sept 7: Introduction to internet marketing and the requirements of the course. Digital marketing channels. Owned, earned, and paid media.

Week 2: Sept 10 – Sept 14: Demographic and behavioural targeting. Gaining trust online: Law, ethics, privacy

Week 3: Sept 17 – Sept 21: Getting found: Domain names. Optimizing web site content for search engines (SEO).

Week 4: Sept 24 – Sept 28: Getting found: User names, hashtags, and SEO for social media. Social media – authentic customer engagement

Week 5: Oct 1 – Oct 5: Search advertising (Pay-Per-Click)

Week 6: Oct 8 – Oct 12: Internet display advertising and paid media on social. Demographics and market research

Week 7: Oct 15 – Oct 19: eMail marketing

Week 8: Oct 22 – Oct 26: Mobile marketing.

Week 9: Oct 29 – Nov 2: Social media – managing and measuring earned media

Week 10: Nov 5 – Nov 9: Website analytics and customer behaviour: understanding needs and measuring marketing success

Week 11: Nov 12 – Nov 16: READING WEEK – NO CLASSES

Week 12: Nov 19 – Nov 23: Content marketing and native advertising

Week 13: Nov 26 – Nov 30: Future tech in marketing

Week 14: Dec 3 – Dec 7: Presentations