Digital Marketing

Class materials: November 5 – 9


Search engine advertising
Assignment 1 activity – attendance required

LECTURE NOTES – WEEK 3 MONDAY Search engine advertising (PDF)


How to determine your AdWords budget and bids (Google)

Google Adwords Home. Classic Pay-per-Click model information

Google Adwords: How to create a campaign, set up ad groups, and types of advertisements

Click Fraud: the Dark Side of Online Advertising (Business Week, October 2006)

How Google AdWords works (Infographic) HubSpot

Introduction to AdWords Playlist (Google)

6 Deadly Mistakes of Google Adwords – Parts 1 and 2 (Kiss Metrics)

Google Best Practices – Choose the Right Keywords (Google. 2015)



Mobile as a marketing channel
Basic web site analytics


Pew Internet: Mobile – frequently updated research page

IAB Center of Excellence: Mobile

Johan Johansson How To Make Your Websites Faster On Mobile Devices (Smashing Magazine)

Mobile Marketing Association

Beyond the Buzz: Three steps to help marketers realize the promise of iBeacons(Tobias Dengel, Media Post, July 2014)

Facebook battles Snapchat over future of the camera (Matthew Ingram, Fortune. April 2017)

When Mobile Becomes The New Face Of Social (Thomas Husson. Forrester Research, July 2014)

How “Pokemon Go” Took Augmented Reality Mainstream (Knowledge@Wharton, July 2016)

The future of news is humans talking to machines (Trushar Barot. Nieman Lab, Sept 2017)

Is the term “mobile first” becoming outmoded? (Mark Lowenstein. Recode, March 2016)

Facebook’s CEO talks about a virtual and augmented future (Jonathan Vanian. Fortune, April 2016)

The Hype around Virtual Reality is Fading (Parmy Olson. Forbes, March 2017)

Why Build Progressive Web Apps (Google Chrome Developers. April 2017)

Dave Chaffey. Case Study (A culture of metrics)

Improving your sense of site: your web analytics report is filled with clues on how to boost sales(Case study) Inc. Magazine

Dark Social: We have the whole history of the web wrong (Alexis Madrigal. The Atlantic, October 2012)

Forrester: Technology and marketing disconnect hinders customer analytics success (Nadia Cameron. CMO, August 2014)

Web Analytics 101: Definitions: Goals, Metrics, KPIs, Dimensions, Targets (Avinash Kaushik)

3 ways to get more out of your web analytics (Filip Matous, Harvard Business Review. October 2015)

Google Analytics Academy (online training course from Google that covers the basics of web analytics)

Getting started with Google Analytics (Google Small Business)