Digital Marketing

Class materials: November 19 – 21


Web site planning and meeting user and organizational goals
Using WordPress as a web content management system
Overview of web site project assignment

LECTURE NOTES – WEEK 5 MONDAY Web site planning (PDF)
LECTURE NOTES – WEEK 5 MONDAY – Introduction to WordPress (PDF)
LECTURE NOTES – WEEK 5 MONDAY – Using WordPress to build a website: step-by-step instructions (PDF) These slides will also be used in Week 6 and Week 7 to assist you in building your web site.
Sample web site map and wireframe (examples for the web project – see the sample website to which the plan relates)


Setting SMART website goals (J6 Design)

Luke Reimer Following a web design process (Smashing Magazine)

Johan Johansson How To Make Your Websites Faster On Mobile Devices(Smashing Magazine)

Christopher Meyer & Andre Schwager. Understanding Customer Experience. Harvard Business Review. Feb. 2007 (available via VIU Library)

8 Guidelines for exceptional web design, usability, and user experience (Erik Devaney, Hubspot)

Design is….what CEOs should know about design (Irene Au. Medium, May 2014)

Sample chapter from Steve Krug’s well known book on website design –Don’t Make Me Think (Revisited)

12 Reasons I Won’t Buy From Your Website (Huyen Truong, 2015)

The Responsive Web Design Process (Cuker, 2013)

Fix your funnel: 15 things to remove from your website immediately



Domain name selection and registration
Web forms
Working with images and media on the web

LECTURE NOTES – WEEK 5 TUESDAY Domain names, web form design, images and media (PDF)


Creative Commons Search Engine (for finding images for the website assignment)

Using Google Drive to create a form for embedding in your WordPress site

A guide to designing usable forms (Design Your Way)

The world is running out of domain names – what will we do when they’re all gone? (Allan Dunn, Quartz. January 2017)

How to choose and register an effective domain name (Small Business BC)

10 tips for choosing the perfect domain name (Ryan Shelley. Search Engine Land. August 2017)

New Generic Top-Level Domains (ICANN)