MGMT 230 is an introduction to management and technical issues related to the use of the internet in businesses and other organizations. The course covers basic internet technologies, an examination of online revenue models, internet marketing, digital design and usability, web analytics, and internet security and privacy issues. Students also gain hands-on practical skills by planning and developing a website. [access course outline for Fall 2018]

Use this page to find information about assignments and due dates, plus links to all the required readings and video for each week of the course.

Assignment information and instructions

Lab assignment information: In-class October 5th
Web Site Assignment Instructions and Marking Scheme
Part 1: Due November 5th, 4:30pm
Part 2 : Due November 30th, 4:30pm
Web site plan assignment: samples
Elements of the Mid-term test: In-class October 18th
Elements of the Final exam (take-home Dec 10 / 11)
Class participation: Ongoing throughout the semester via in-class discussions and exercises

Required readings, videos, and course materials for each week of the Fall 2018 course – select the week / topic from the links below

Week 1: Sept 3 – Sept 7: Introduction to basic html, web publishing and web editors / The implications of the internet for businesses and other organizations

Week 2: Sept 10 – Sept 14: Fonts, text, and colour on the web. Working with images. / Internet history and technology.  Selecting a domain name

Week 3: Sept 17 – Sept 21: Using multimedia on the web / Web site planning activities.

Week 4: Sept 24 – Sept 28: Web form design and creation / Digital design and usability. Search engine optimization

Week 5: Oct 1 – Oct 5: Lab assignment (in-class) / Implementing basic eCommerce: technologies and options.

Week 6: Oct 8 – Oct 12: Introduction to WordPress / Internet business and revenue models

Week 7: Oct 15 – Oct 19: Using WordPress for a company or organization website (1) / MIDTERM TEST (in class)

Week 8: Oct 22 – Oct 26: Using WordPress for a company or organization website (2) / Internet marketing 1

Week 9: Oct 29 – Nov 2: Using WordPress for a company or organization website (3) / Internet marketing 2

Week 10: Nov 5 – Nov 9: Work on project website / Measurement and evaluation: Web analytics and data mining

Week 11: Nov 12 – Nov 16: READING WEEK – NO CLASSES

Week 12: Nov 20 – Nov 24: Work on project website / Internet security and intellectual property issues

Week 13: Nov 27 – Dec 1: Web site presentations / Mobile commerce

Week 14: Dec 3 – Dec 7: Review sessions